Zedo Raul

Zedo Raul

Those who are heartless once cared too much.
Zedo Raul
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Hanging Light by Lukas Peet. Simplicity at its best!

Canadian designer Lukas Peet has created the Hanging Light, using an energy efficient fluorescent bulb. A Pendant light that literally hangs from its electrical cord. The light is available in either pale textured yellow or 24 karat gold leaf.

White, glass and a dash of natural stone.

I have no idea whether or not I would like to live in this kind of house (I mean, I may prefer some simple little woody house surrounded by trees) but it worth the pin.

Taki Katei (Japanese, 1830-1901) 滝 和亭

Taki Katei (Japanese, 滝 和亭 [Katei Taki worked as a painter of kacho-ga (images of birds & flowers) in traditional Japanese & Chinese style during the Meiji period. Studied under Araki Kankai. His works were shown at the Vienna World Exposition of