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Traditional tattoo

Traditional tattoo

shark week

Loving the use of the two flowers and shark and birds in the background. Makes it a very lively looking design for sure.

Palm Tree Tattoo

Palm tree tattoos are the most popular form of body accessorizing especially with young girls.

Who gets tattoos and where...

stablercake: sweetrivertree: proctalgia: this is important As someone who works at a tattoo shop, I can say this is pretty accurate for those who are interested If the wrist is not among the most painful I am never getting a tattoo in those red places

10 Ways to Wear Black Leggings - Keably

I'm thinking with my b&w polka dot dress with that gray blazer we got and my black ankle boots? 10 Ways to Wear Black Leggings - Keably :: Outfit Inspiration by the Occasion

Great way to change it up so you're not doing the same boring sit-ups everyday...and this works out different parts of your abs

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