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1903 Spyker race car

The early in this era the automobile is starting to suppress the horses while motor sport is starting to take shape. The race cars of.

Passat W8 engine

A engine is an eight-cylinder piston internal combustion engine in a W configuration. The can be imagined as flat plane crank engin.

The first Audi RS/first high performance station wagon

Have you ever wondered about where did the estate performance car section began? Well here is the answer: The Audi Avant was a limited.

Turbine power!

Chrysler Turbine Cars are automobiles powered by gas turbine engines that Chrysler made from 1962 - Bodies for the Chrysler Turbine we.

3.4 million kilometer (2112662 mile) Mercedes Benz W124

While car manufacturers are claiming that their diesel products are capable of reaching 500000 km miles) with the right maintena.

The Lancia Thema 8.32 is an FWD Ferrari

First shown at the Turin Auto Show in the Thema standing for the number of cylinders and for the number of valves) was .

3 rotor, bi turbo Mazda Cosmo Eunos

The Eunos Cosmo (loosely based on the 1985 concept car) started production in 1990 on the new JC platform. The Eunos Cosmo was the top.

The Sierra RS Cosworth is 30 years old

The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth's engine was capable to produce more than 500 HP and even the street versions weren't lacking of firepower.

Railway Unimog with 1000T towing capacity

The Unimog is that type of vehicle which can be used pretty much for any kind of purpose, thanks to it's rich, bolt on accessories; the rail.

2.4 L turbodiesel tuned by AMG and stuffed in a van

L turbodiesel tuned by AMG and stuffed in a van