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the water cycle is shown with plants and other things in it's stages, including numbers
Live Moss Bath Mat
Add a modern and natural touch to any bathroom with these amazing live moss bath mats. The mats feature real moss that feeds on the water droplets from you after a bath or shower, which will keep your moss blooming. Moss Bath Mat | Moss Aesthetic | Moss Green | Growing Moss | Moss Rug | Moss Aesthetic | Eco Friendly | Climate Change | Bathroom Decor | Bathroom Inspo | Bathroom Inspiration
a person holding a green plant in their hand
Madagascar lace plant (Aponogeton madagascariensis). Photo credit: @theplantfinder.
Monkey Tail Cactus
Hang with the trendiest succulent on the block—the Monkey Tail Cactus! Its unique appearance and playful vibe make it the star of any green collection. 🌿 🎥: on IG
Fishbone cactus care, flowers and propagation