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three different boxes with designs on them, one has a woman's face in the middle
Museum of Shawls
the great river children's museum logo is shown in red, yellow and green
Children's Museum Branding | Gearbox Functional Creative | St Cloud MN
the logo for museum national de machaoo de castro centeranoo,
Museu Nacional Machado Castro. Identity and centennial mark | Work | FBA.
project image
six avatars with different facial expressions in black and white
mkn design – Michael Nÿkamp. If you would like to be iconized – like pictured – please contact me…
an orange line drawing of a man's face with a beard and moustache
JOHN CHRYSOSTOM (347–407) • (12/53)
the book cover is black and white with geometric shapes
Brand New: Moscow Design Museum on the Grid
Moscow Design Museum
an open book with blue and white designs on the front cover is shown in this image
Project Love: The Shawl Museum
the logo for mysen matak, an electronic music company that is making sound
Best Brand Identity Designs: May 2015
Best Brand Identity Designs: May 2015 | iBrandStudio
the logo for hand in hand museum is shown on different colors and shapes, including blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and black
HHmuseum Project Branding | 兒童博物館串聯 品牌規劃
four different types of surfboards on top of each other with the words made in them
Museum of Arts and Design
The identity can be transformed in endless variations.