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a tree in the middle of a lake with a quote above it that reads,
two children playing in the grass with trees behind them and text that reads, darveste
an image of the moon in the night sky with a quote from gandhi on it
a black and white photo with words written in spanish on it, including an image of a Portraits, Fotografie, Fotografia, Donna, Poses, Strand, Lilla
a white flower with a quote on it
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a woman with long hair standing in front of a mountain and the words, i am inviting
a poem written in blue and white with butterflies on the page, which is surrounded by flowers
a pink flower sitting on top of an open book with the words, blamadaa est sprijnul rabaari si usara
a poem written in spanish with the words vitata, est un amestec
a person walking down a beach next to the ocean with words written in white on it
the sky is filled with clouds and sun shining down on it's sides in spanish