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Gifts for your book-lovin' pals! I know of a few ladies that would truly enjoy this. I know I would!!!
Printable Fox Bookmarks - DIY Bookmarks - Easy Peasy and Fun
A bookmark in the colours of Baba Marta:). Could be any color, though!
Braid Your Paper into chevron bookmarks. Making these for a younger class would make a great following directions activity AND random act of kindness!
Bookmark by Karen Giron #Bookmarks, #GiftGiving
An amazing interactive card by Saneli at @Studio_Calico #camera
Usb Tape and other Creative and Fun Package Designs from Fine Print NYC
Cool Mini Homemade Crafts and Scrapbook Ideas | DIY Mini Hangers by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/cool-scrapbook-ideas-you-should-make/
These necklaces are super nice and easy to DIY, you can make your own clay triangle or cut ones in fabric, pieces of woods, or whatever you prefer, it's all up to you
Passion Shake | Washi tape hack: The simple way to make boring pencils cool | http://passionshake.com