I was a lonely, sheltered only child whose life was filled with (and saved by) animals. I advocate for them now as an adult. They deserve to live with…
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a large white dog laying on top of a couch next to a red bag and bookshelf
Building Your Pet's Medicine Cabinet: A Veterinary Surgeon's Guide | Dog Food Advisor
Building Your Pet’s Medicine Cabinet: A Veterinary Surgeon’s Guide
a street with cars parked on the side of it and a quote about evil envy
a woman holding a small white dog in her lap with the caption's name below it
Come join my first multi week class! Mouse & Charlie are sure to make guest appearances!
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Hi, neighbors!
Hi, neighbors!
two dogs playing with each other in the park
How your Dog's Diet Impacts their Anal Glands | Dog Food Advisor
How your Dog’s Diet Impacts their Anal Glands | Dog Food Advisor
an elephant laying on the ground next to a man with his head on another person's shoulder
a man sitting on a couch surrounded by dogs
After his dog died, he adopted dozens of the oldest dogs he could find
“When one passes, I normally adopt another one in their honor,” said Steve Greig, who currently has 11 pups.
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