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The Stang. Believed to have originted with the Wooden Pitchforks of the Middle Ages, the stang is a forked staff or a staff that has two iron horns mounted into it. With most Trads or Covine, a mask or skull may be mounted into the base where the horns meet to represent the Horned God. Its use in modern-era traditions are traced to Robert Cochrane and the Clan of Tubal Cain. It has since been appropriated in New Age where of course even more fertility connotations to its symbolism were…

The Stang Originated with the Wooden Pitchforks of the Middle Ages. The stang is a forked staff or…


♥ ♥ ♥ Fun Fact: Ravens mate for life. Besides grooming each other, they will give each other gifts including flowers, rocks, found things and even seem to hold "hands".

Mantling by Sue Edwards

Barn Owl: "Mantling" Photo By: Sue Edwards. This is common prey behaviour for raptors; they do this to hide their prey from others. I have also seen this behaviour when chicks are threatened in the nest.

Jean Paul Gaultier - 2014-2015

While I generally approve of anything Gaultier, I think sending a chick down the runway with a nipple accidentally showing and a piece of yellah tape affixed to her neckline for no clear reason to be, um, sloppy.