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a purple and white heart shaped keychain with a bear on it's side
two black cats are hanging from a key chain
@simybeads on instagram
a keychain with two cats on it and an orange tag attached to it
#gibli #witch #aesthetic #cute #keychain
four pictures of strawberries in the shape of a heart on a gold chain necklace
♡ ₊ ˚ 🦢 ‧ ₊ ✧🩰
four small cats are sitting on the palm of someone's hand, with flowers in the background
a hello kitty figurine sitting on top of a clear plastic box with a pink bow around it's neck
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there are many key chains hanging on the wall
handmade keychain part2 🎀🍡 *˚ ༘.* ೃ
three little white rabbits are hanging from the earring hooks on a green cord bag
two white teddy bears with pink bows on their ears
clay miffy charms 🎀 by @i.rchives
#handmade #art #miffy #ribbon #clay
many white buttons with red bows and eyes are arranged in the shape of bunnies
handmade clay pieces ♡ (@i.rchives) • Instagram photos and videos
a small figurine with a heart on it's chest and ears is standing in front of some pink flowers
@sugarymilkdreams on Instagram: “Peach Bunny with Peach Hat🍑🐰🌸💫 last weekend the weather was beautiful so I spent some time with my sis and we ate some ice-cream😋💖🍨 for me…”
a hand holding several small plastic animals in it's palm, with one being held by the other
miffy charms by @i.rchives
#miffy #clay #handmade #coquette
two black and white cat figurines sitting next to each other on a bed
@simybeads on instagram
two key chains with small teddy bears attached to them, one is pink and the other is brown
two black and white cats with hearts on their eyes are hanging from lanyards
@simybeads on instagram
small white and black teddy bears in a basket
two black cats are hanging from a key chain
@simybeads on instagram
several key chains with various charms attached to them on a white surface in the shape of animals
gashapon phone charms
a person holding a hello kitty toy in their hand
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a hand holding a keychain with various charms on it's thumbnails
clay charm keychain 🐰
hello kitty keychains are lined up on a white surface with one cat in the middle
the key chain has charms attached to it
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