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Cake for a James Bond party- it doesn't look easy but I really want to learn how to make this for my birthday!!!       Love James Bond movies

Cake for a James Bond party- birthday!

All the James Bond Girls in a single picture

All the James Bond Girls in a single picture --For Hal Ankrom on his Birthday! Here are all the Bond girls in one pic!

Damn <3

James Bond Sean Connery is my all-time favorite, but I also think Daniel Craig has done a good job in the role. And I recall liking Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore in the part.

Pierce Brosnan's James Bond.

Pierce Brosnan played James Bond in GoldenEye Tomorrow Never Dies The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day

007 - Daniel Craig.  This captures the difference between his Bond and the other Bonds perfectly.

Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig. This image perfectly captures the difference between his incarnation of Bond and the other Bonds.

Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are at the top on my list of Bond's :)

Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore---James Bonds

james bond

James Bond (Daniel Craig), "M" (Dame Judy Dench), and the Aston Martin

James Bond. This was just funny so I had to post. Lol.

Bond, James Bond- I'll take Sean, thank you very much.

Dreams are often the lifeblood of any survivor who wants to live beyond the trauma and make something of themselves. Today I'm talking about that, and how, friends can be the only thing standing between you and the oblivion.

Daniel Craig - James Bond - everything rolled up into one.

James Bond - second best government operative out there (right behind Jack Bauer)

I don't stop when I'm tired. I stop when I'm done. James Bond - Daniel Craig: Great motivation for the gym!