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Yvette Gradinaru
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How to Decorate Like a Parisian, According to the Dreamiest French Hotels via @MyDomaine

Designer Dorothée Meilichzon has added a new modernity to the fourth hotel for the Panache group in Paris. Marble, mirror and other playful design elements are carefully used throughout to add touches of luxury to every room.

This Insanely Cool Loft Is What Downtown Dreams Are Made Of via @MyDomaine

I rescued these chairs from the depths of craigslist-velvet-upholstery-hell and redid them in chambray because forever in blue jeans, baby


On the corner of healthy and hippie: blend for anxiety and panic relief.

One of my BEST friends during my special monthly time is Clary Sage. I diffuse it to help with my moods and find it's particularly helpful for irritability. I massage it on my reproductive vitaflex points on my feet as well as my abdomen. It takes away my cramps, moodiness, and helps me to relax.

During that special monthly time is Clary Sage. Diffuse it to help with moods and helpful for irritability. Massage on reproductive vitaflex points on feet as well as your abdomen. It helps take away cramps, moodiness, and helps you to relax.