What does time mean to you? A clock face? A digital read out? A diary of appointments perhaps? Let’s take the word ‘time': how would you describe it? See it? Perhaps it not such an easy question to answer?

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Scientists have developed a magnetic system that mimics the behavior of a wormhole – theorized to allow space-time to be bent, and vast distances to be tra

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This shows how Macbeth gains his ambition which evolves into insanity, as the witches predictions slowly become true. In his madness, he returns to them to find out more.

getting older

getting older



Time is medicine.

This cute stuff from Sequioa Studio is an alarm clock shaped capsule which wake you up in the morning. It has nice selection of colors. The detail that kills: To adjust the volume just turn the left side of the capsule.

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Circular Gallifreyan is the language of the Time Lords in the show Doctor Who. The language I am teaching you isn't exactly like the show, since it is.

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