The simplest things are always the most beautful

[CasaGiardino] Step AWAY from the truck.oooo, look at that bread.I could gobble a whole loaf. Must behave! How do the French eat this stuff everyday and stay skinny? Must drink more wine! (Baguettes in a boulangerie delivery truck.

Vegetable cross sections / food photographs by Richard Haughton

Delicious food Vegetable cross sections juice yummy fruit dots pois polka dessert fantasy food pattern / food photographs by Richard Haughton

Chocolate heaven.

Sarah Bernhardt cakes

Sarah Bernhardt cakes -- almond based meringues covered in a coffee chocolate cream frosting, dipped in dark chocolate,

food culture: eating by design

food culture: eating by design

through ‘food design XL’ austrian design studio honey & bunny investigates why certain culinary delights are the way they are and how they .

Facciamo uno spuntino? #food #design #fooddesign

a healthy way to start the day Tea Sandwiches ? Tea and coffee high tea stand simple breakfast sandwich

35 EASY Matcha recipes - Just think how impressed everyone will be when you whip out this matcha dark chocolate mousse cake at dinner.

food culture: eating by design

food culture: eating by design

part of the Mutato project by Uli Westphal. Excerpt from his statement about this project: “The complete absence of botanical anomalies in our supermarkets has caused us to regard the consistency of produce presented there as natural.

Pinch Food Design | Work Shoe Blisters

Hanging pizzas: Taste: A New Designy Food Column by Pinch Food Design in art Category

Food design

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