Handmade porcelain mobile by Katia Soussan for  Studio Oink selected

Handmade Porcelain Mobile by Katia Soussan - Studio Oink Selected / Kickcan & Conkers: Inspiration: The Little Things

Wooden forest

Forest of Woods is a collection of tiny tree toys made from scrap wood by artist Mark Giglio of Pen Pencil Stencil.

DIY cork wall with climbing pulls for the kids room. Photo by: Joe Fletcher | Read more: http://www.dwell.com/articles/Bar-Method.html

Here is the mini rockwall that takes the kids to their “secret” play space. I love this idea because it really would give their play area and very “kids only” feel; which would be exciting for them.

Printable Christmas Advent Calendar from Mr Printables

Is it too late to start and Advent Calendar? After all you can simply countdown the last 12 or 10 days to Christmas! I love this free printable Christmas street version from Mr. Printables and had to share it.


jenni juurinen: minimalist doll house This super modern doll house by Finnish Designer Jenni Jurrinen is a wonderful open ended play option for kids.