Ti leaf haku

Basic tutorial on how to make a Hawaiian ti leaf lei. Ti plant is used for protection and keeping one safe. Ti leis can be worn, or placed around the house o.

How to make a krathong

How to make a krathong. scroll to 6 mins. 8 mins is where the funny music starts

Woven Bird

How to Arrange Flowers: Weave a Palm Leaf into a Nautilus Shell & Foliage…

Bridal bouquet Rose Drop How to Make Bloomtube

Here you will find the inspiring bridal flowers workshop by top florist Desiree Glasbergen. She uses Calla in her bridal bouquet.

Making everyday life extraordinary: Pim van den Akker at TEDxDelft

Extraordinarily natural and naturally extraordinary. The Delft based floral designer and artist, Pim van den Akker, makes everyday things extraordinary.