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six different types of owls and their faces are shown in the same line art style
an image of different animals that are in the shape of letter s and p on a white background
bauhaus animals
an orange and white fox logo on a light gray background with half circles around it
markss-10.png by Mariano Lampacrescia
different types of animals and plants on a white background - animals characters / objects illustrations
Flat African Animals and Plants. Geometric Style
an animal alphabet with different colors and shapes
an image of some type of animal shapes on the app store's facebook page
I Drank the Kool-Aid
Animodul branding by Atipo - modular #branding #design by multi-disciplinary studio Atipo in Spain for Animodul children’s clothes and toys. A basic one-quarter circle form is the organic building block for the Animodul #logotype and almost endless animal graphics, the heroes and heroines of their product line
a black and white image of a dog with a bowl in its mouth, on a white background
an animal logo with the letter d in it's center and a round shape