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Looooove this song so much

Maybe I'm better off dead, if I was would it finally be enough, to shut out all those voices in my head ~Better off dead ~Sleeping with sirens ~Madness

Kellin Quinn | Sleeping With Sirens

Defer ejaculation and last longer during sexual intercourse. Do not trouble about the awful embarrassment of coming too hurriedly - stop premature ejaculation today!

He should be a example for others musicians.He cares and love his fans.He is always there for them.He just knows how to make things better.I have read so many stories like that and every one of them always brought tears to my eyes.I'm not saying.But what I love about him more is his personality and his ability to be there for his fans and comfort them for whatever problem they're dealing with.He is a true inspiration.I truthfully respect him.

Austin Carlile is a hero and don't you even try and tell me otherwise Of mice & men Warped tour

Haha ;) no offence to anyone js

) no offence to anyone js

if anyone says Oli Sykes isn’t a hero, you’re wrong

This is why I live Oliver Sykes so much he's my hero.


Ashley nice ancient phone ash<<<He's too Purdy to have an iPhone

I promise I don't worship satan

I hate it when people say that band members are satanists and they don't even bother to get to know them. Band members are amazing people and its more likely that you people giving them this kinda shit are satanists.

At first, Ryuk is very creepy, but as you get used to him more, he's actually kind of adorable.

Death note quote (Ryuk) - Humans are so interesting.


Today Naruto has come to an end at chapter

Tonight, we think about Sakumo and Kakashi.

Hatake Kakashi, Hatake Sakumo, Father And Son, Father