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a blue background with text that reads things i want at 10am on sunday night
an image of a tree with the words, this is the ending where you finally find your way home and the ancient error inside you is stopped out for good
jovialtorchlight on tumblr
there is a cloud in the sky with words above it that say, i love you many people have this power
there is a sign that says tree - hugging, dirt worshiper on it
a sign that says god is adj life is a dancefloor love is the rhythm
the air smells like rain & you've started to forget about me texting
i miss the feeling of love
although i’ve never felt it
a green background with black text that says, when i was young i used to run away from home and hide in somebody's garden and hide there for hours
a sign that says, look at our pretty world isn't it just wonderful? dreams do come true everything is so beautiful
Health, Forgiving Yourself, Growth, Healing
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