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an anime storyboard showing the main characters
Eu Sou Naruto Uzumaki, O Mais Amado Pelos Homens
Naruto, por todo lugar que vai encanta aos homens, mesmo criança cham… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad
some drawings of two people kissing each other
「🌻」✧⏜ ιмάgєиєѕ ѕαѕυϐοяυ⎯
an image of a comic strip with people in it
「🌻」✧⏜ ιмάgєиєѕ ѕαѕυϐοяυ⎯ - ◤𝟚𝟚◢ 𝔻𝕠𝕦𝕛𝕚𝕟𝕤𝕙𝕚 𝟚/𝟚💖
two people sitting on the ground with one person laying down and another standing in front of them
Minato Namikaze Fan Art: Naruto<3
two anime characters standing next to each other in front of red and white striped walls