RuneScape private server !

Jagex Games studio, the developer of #RuneScape have appointed a new CEO, in the person of Rod Cousens. This new leadership change comes with the recently announced collectible card game Chronicle- #RuneScape Legends and the upcoming tactical shooter Block N Load, scheduled for April 30th, withh the goal of developing and improving the MMORPG.
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Meet the Ripper Demons, the second #RuneScape  sinister slayer monster!  It has a dead touch>

Page 1 of RuneScape unleashed the Ripper Demons. They are the most sinister slayer monsters & they can be found in the abandoned mine outside the Al Kharid

Old School RuneScape awaits you with Deadman mode.  Dying in Deadman mode is not so simple!

Page 1 of Deadman Mode awaits you in Old School RuneScape. You can access Deadman mode by logging onto world 357 or Dying in deadman mode is not easy

A new elite skill has been added to ‪‎RuneScape‬ Find out what it can do for you

Page 1 of Invention will give new possibilities in RuneScape.This new elite skill will allow you to change the way you approach RuneScape & the challenges

RuneScape Classic is for the nostalgic ones!  Take advantage of the 15th anniversary promotion and play RS just like in 2001 !

Page 1 of RuneScape Classic comes with is original charm, 50 quests, 18 skills and Sprite-based graphics.

Four weeks of celebration have been prepared for RuneScape players at the 15th anniversary!

Page 1 of RuneScape turned 15 years and celebrates all month. A unique party buff, some special items, overrides and emotes are prepared for players.

Can you stand against the last slayer mobs from Raptor's Challenge? ‪RuneScape‬ tempts you with ‎Acheron‬ ‪‎mammoths‬ >

Page 1 of RuneScape tempts you with Acheron mammoths. RuneScape unleashes is fourth and final high-level Slayer monster from the Raptor's Challenge

Passionate about RuneScape  or you own a RuneScape private server, either the way Xtremetop300  will feed your goals!

Page 1 of Passionate about RuneScape or you own a RuneScape private server, either the way will feed your goals!

Meet the Camel Warriors, another deadly creatures from Raptor's Challenge!  #RuneScape will become more dangerous!

Camel Warriors - another creatures from Raptor's Challenge in Games News

RuneScape has a new quest & is preparing for is 15th anniversary!  All details are inside>

RuneScape has a jovial quest & a documentary for is anniversary in Games News

Discover how BIG is the "Schindler list" prepared by RuneScape for 2016  Some highlights are>

Page 1 of RuneScape will go big in The guys from Jagex have a simple approach which involves a major release every month and some regular updates between

RuneScape is in the middle of a busy week, as the dev added a ton of patches and tweaks to the game, including improvements to Warbands and the Crystal shapeshifters! With this new patches, the dangerous Warbands will be as following: - Supplies will now be converted into non-tradeable versions when exiting the wilderness. - Players may attack others outside of the normal wilderness level restrictions when carrying supplies. Carriers may still counter-attack. More on Xtremetop300

Page 1 of RuneScape patch week and a limited time offer in the merch store are prepared for all RS players. The RuneScape team has two reminders for players

Balthazar's Big Raffle RuneScape is all about having fun & win prizes!  All September is BBR! Join it and win!

Page 1 of RuneScape Balthazar's Big Raffle will offer you during the entire September the chance to win interesting prizes and join daily challanges!

RuneScape is two times lucky and all because of the fans! Believe it or not,  knows details!

RuneScape's new feature Bonds has nearly eliminated illegal gold-farming.

Runescape offers you the chance to spawn elite monsters, these ferocious beasts from Gielinor. "Elites have a chance to spawn on the death of others of their kind, with one guaranteed spawn and greatly increased chance per kill when you take on a matching Slayer assignment". This is the list with the monsters that can spawn elites: - Waterfiends - Harpie bug swarms - Nechryael - Aquanites - Earth warriors - Cave horrors - Cows - Ankou - Dust devils The rest of the details on…

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Starting from today and until July 27th, Jagex Games Studio, brings to all Runescape players the Treasure Hunter, and that means XP in abundance during this "campaign". "All the lamps and stars won are prismatic, usable on any skill- and give 50% more Xp when redeemed." Treasure Hunter is a minigame, in which players use Keys to claim items as prizes, and it can be played by clicking on the treasure chest icon that pops-up when you log in. Other details on Xtremetop300/forum

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We have good news for all Runescape players and Jagex is directly responsible for this. Now you can explore the Mazcab's shifthing forests and exotic ruins as a solitary player or you can switch to the 10 player Liberation of Mazcab case. The first Runescape raid, gives you the chance to fight with two mighty bosses, claim the level 90 tank armour and explore the Mazcab area where you can find goebies. The zone changes over time and features XP  rewards, lore and rares including a new pet.

Page 1 of Games News - News about all the games from our list.