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Mission(s) to Mars, IEEE Spectrum, from a magazine article in Design by Bryan Christie and Joe Lertola. Art directrion by Mark Montgomery and Michael Solita. Included in the book, Information Graphics, by art historian Sandra Rendgen.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour mounted atop its modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft flies over California's Mojave Desert on its way back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Dec 2008

First flown in Endeavour, the youngest space shuttle orbiter, is being prepared for its and final trip to low Earth orbit. Seen here from an exciting perspective 400 feet above the floor of Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building

A Partial Eclipse Over Manila Bay

In early the Moon eclipsed part of the Sun as visible from parts of Africa, Australia, and Asia. In particular the above image, taken from the Mall of Asia seawall, caught a partially eclipsed Sun setting over Manila Bay in the Philippines.