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Cristina Elena
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If you don’t want a same light as someone else has, do it yourself. New York architect – Allison Patrick use paper cut to make this special light, you can do it too.

I want to make these!

I really like this idea for an office or a library. Convert an old globe into a pendant light! Seems easy enough. Buy a lamp kit at your local hardware store, take apart a globe and drill a larger hole for the light. Put remainder of light together.


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Lightining is one of the most important aspects of decorating and so often overlooked . Hand-blown pendant light is an easy option to .

As urbanites get more and more isolated from the natural world, their desire to maintain some sort of connection has inspired creative new interior design ideas like moss walls to fill their needs. Moss walls are a beautiful and relatively low-maintenance way to bring some beautiful nature into your home. Though walls like these can …

The original guide to creating moss graffiti, the eco-friendly way to tag the world. Our tutorial will teach you how to easily make graffiti with moss!