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People can say whatever they want about me , but at the end of the day I`m still going to be me, and I`m still going to be living my good damn life.

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I have been wanting to ombre my hair for a really long time, but you never really see ombre on straight hair. My hair is naturally straight (like this) and I don't have time to curl my hair every day. This looks amazing! I might have mine start to ombre a little farther up but I really love this look :) Now I know what I'm doing for my birthday!!! :D

the reason i want brown hair. ombre is pretty popular at the moment, even amongst the scummiest of people, but i think with a bit of length this could look pretty good on me. i need a hair colour that.

diy paper flowers

DIY: storybook paper roses I like the idea-- story book life--- gets story book flowers ;


bangs and length


Free People, Free People Clothing

I want it :(

Thro by Marlo Lorenz Keep Calm and Drink On Jute Bottle Bags Set


Racerback Tank


Buddha, Living Spaces, 50th


Fairisle Slip-On Sneaker - Blue