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I would love this with very slight variations of blackened colors to make it appear completely black from afar but intracate and detailed upon close inspection

Sea water under the microscope...if this isn't one of the scariest/coolest things, I don't know what is....

Sea water under the microscope.if this isn't one of the scariest/coolest things, I don't know what is.

Dragonfly Wing | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Dragonfly Wing, photo by Harold Davis. Up close, lit from behind by the setting sun—the photo shows a magnification of about ten times. -- I love the structures and colours in this wing, creates a beautiful natural pattern

Image: Mossy fibers, which are one major type of axon in the cerebellum, relay information from outside the cerebrellum. Here multicolored mossy fibers fan within the inner granular layer of one fold or "gyrus" of the cerebellum. The enlarged "splotches" of color represent presynaptic terminals, called mossy fiber rosettes. Around the edge of the gyrus, the parallel fibers course through the molecular layer where they synapse onto Purkinje cell dendrites (not visible).

Journey into the heart of the Purkinje cell synapse

This looks like a painting, but no! It's a picture of brain cells communicating with each other from MIT. Seriously. Amazing. MIT, Qian Chen

MIT neuroscientists used calcium imaging to label these pyramidal cells in the brain (credit: Qian Chen/MIT) A team led by MIT neuroscientists has developed