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So true

So here’s how I feel about Jelsa and Jackunzel XD From Mary Naegele. I have to admit though Mericcup is pretty adorable as well.

Punzie has Eugene

I ship it, but at the same I ship Jackunzel<--WHY? How dare you! << HAHAHA u can only ship one! And I choose Jelsa oh for Pete's sake, relax.


XD (This makes me super happy on a fangirl level. I'm sorry but there's too much jackunzel out there. SHE'S GOT EUGENE YOU GUYS! I will be so mad if Disney really does give Elsa a king in Frozen Jelsa is my OTP!

My face when I hear about jackunzel

This is my reaction when people mention Jelsa. (Sorry pplz, I just don't like Jelsa) but I'm all about Jackunzel!

I ship Jack and Elsa too much

Jack and Elsa. I ship jelsa but that top comic is an interesting idea. I totally dont ship helsa