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an anime character with purple hair and big eyes
an animated image of a woman with short hair and big eyes looking at the camera
Lighthearted Lulu - Clay, Maciej Karwecki
an animated character with long hair and orange eyes
隙間の人 (@sukima_no_hito) on X
an image of a jellyfish with grapes on it's head and its tentacles
Pathfinder, Alex Alexandrov
some white hair and different facial expressions on a man's face in various angles
Zbrush Head Concept, Hyun Suk Lee (길모어)
ArtStation - Zbrush Head Concept, Hyun Suk Lee
a close up of a doll with flowers in her hair
ida, huangsen
a woman with long pink hair and green leaves on her head, wearing a necklace
rose girl, sun heyi
ArtStation - rose girl
a woman's head with blue hair is shown against a black background in this artistic photo
New practice, Shao zhijiao
two hands reaching out towards each other