Aderyn Saer

Aderyn Saer

Na Regv Na.
Aderyn Saer
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Ellie and Riley -Will

"Let's Just Lose Our Minds Together" by Cuyler Smith "My vote? be all poetic and just lose our minds together." This limited edition lithograph shows Ellie and Riley at their most vulnerable.

Michael Pape Raven Study

Raven Study - Common Raven, orginal wildlife mixed media drawing on masonite is sold. Framed limited edition giclée wildlife print on canvas is available by Canadian wildlife artist Michael Pape.

Rachel Thalia Keisat - Thalia after Josephus' childhood best friend Thail. Rachel was three years old when she lost her mother. Tani watched Rachel when Josephus was not around

More mature than most adults while still having a child like air. Alone, Defensive, Hates Being Treated Like A Kid Or Sh**. Cusses like a sailor and Fights Like a Man, Handy With A Knife.

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