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Ha ha XD

Oh my gog dAVE WHY>> "for a whole hour" omg dave. you really can't stay mad at your best friend huh.

No one realizes how bloody Homestuck really is until you color all the supposed blood in red.

no one really understands how bloody homestuck is, since their blood is all rainbow and stuff. but once you change it to red, it just shows how violent and bloody it is. that's one reason why i love humanstuck art <<<< WHOA

May your favourite character be an evil mastermind that can resolve every problem, a smartass interested in physics and chemistry, or a sweet, gentle person that loves everybody. Can I get an Amen?

I get the feeling I'm picking up some of my favorite characters' personality traits, and seeing as my favorite characters are all snarky evil masterminds, that's not necessarily a good thing.<<<honestly same my dude