#wooden #heart #photograph

Name: Wooden Photograph Frame-card “Heart” Material: alder Frame size: 240 x 180 mm Picture size: 90 х 80 (in the form of heart) Coverage: honey mordant, nut patina, acrylic varnish.

#wooden #art  #figurines

#wooden #art #figurines

Name: Decorative Panel, Still-life Painting. Material: alder Fastening: on a wall (provided with a loop on a back surface) Size: 230 x 190 mm Covering: honey mordant, nut mordant, black patina, acrylic varnish.

Christmas Markets: Wenceslas Square in Prague

Each owner of a house wants to have the dwelling that is not only convenient in physical sense of this word, but also pleasant and cozy. Our carved pads from the tree will help you to make your interior much more attractive.

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We would like to bring to your attention the wooden figurine of praying Man. The figurine represents an image of the person, which is inclined on a lap in a prayer and holds a cross in hands.

Products made of wood are popular among those people who appreciate a handwork esthetics. A handiwork is a good gift for judges of beautiful and exclusive things.

Big Handmade Wooden Spoon for grandma

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