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Identity V (Michiko and Mary) Character Art, Fan Art, Kawaii, Anime Characters, Yuri, Yandere, Identity Art, Slayer Anime
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Identity V (Michiko and Mary)
Tokyo Ghoul - memy
Memy z Tokyo Ghoul! ^^ ? #6 - humor 05/2018 #1 - ghoul 05/2018 #7 -… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad
TG fakty, vtipy, citáty..
Jelikož jsem nikde na Wattpadu nemohla najít žádnou podobnou knihu v … #nezařaditelné # Nezařaditelné # amreading # books # wattpad
a woman with purple hair and glasses holding her hand to her face
two women with purple hair and one has her head above the other's head
TᕼE ᑎᑌᗰᗷEᖇ ᔕTᗩTIOᑎ (@EvilDietrich)
Rize / Ken More
some anime characters with different expressions
Tokyo Ghoul (@GhoulishArtwork) / Twitter
Tokyo Ghoul (@GhoulishArtwork) | Twitter
烏帽子🦦眇眼 (@1954love_hate_) / Twitter Anime Girl, Anime Lips, Anime Art Girl, Anime Drawings, Digital Art Girl, Art Girl, Dark Anime
🦦眇眼🦦 (@1954love_hate_) / Twitter
烏帽子🦦眇眼 (@1954love_hate_) / Twitter
a black and white drawing of a boy holding a teddy bear with his arms wrapped around him
Love within the Apocalypse (BL) - Chapter 3 the family gets bigger
#wattpad #fantasy Yuuto (person with tender heart), is a half Japanese-American who as a baby was abandon on the steps of the American Embassy in Japan. Yuuto was care for by the staff there until, later being put in an orphanage. His big blue eyes and pale skin made him a target for bullying, as he got less food th...
an orange haired boy wearing a red scarf and mittens, with his hands in the air
(1/2) | Twitter | Haikyuu!! | Hinata Shoyo | #haikyuu #karasuno #hinata #shoyo #hinatashoyo #shoyohinata
two people are hugging under an umbrella in the rain, one person is holding another
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two comics with people sitting on the floor and one is looking at a computer screen
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