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Don't judge me by what you have seen in me. What you have seen in me is only what i chosen to show you - Anime: Boku no Pico =]]]

Vocaloid : hatsune miku *don't judge me*


Toradora Only pain is the best way to keep the lesson in your head. They will be there as a double edge sword, you can help other with it but you will suffer as well.

Anime:Tokyo ghoul

Anime:Tokyo ghoul

The right person-the wrong time The write script-the wrong line The right poem-the wrong rhythm The piece of you that was never mine

I dont like onodera but i like what she is saying

Anime: Akame ga kill ~Leo21

Anime: Akame ga kill ~Leo21

Don't watch this Anime too much Yuuri 😥😥😥😥

Then that means I've never fallen asleep...

I'm not asleep sadly.

The silence is deafening, the dark glares so bright I have to close my eyes to see, I will help even if you are shattered, the beat of the heart is simple and strong.

"Can you hear the silence? Can you fix the broken? Can you feel my heart? " -Anime: Charlotte Edit by Karunase Song: can you feel my heart ~ bring me the horizon

Tokyo Ghoul

Ahh but that is the opposite of how I understood this message