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Now we’ve all had our bad fashion days, of course. You might look down at a picnic to find you’ve been flashing your undies to the entire park, or realise that there’s been a stain on your pants that looks… awful. But there are some fashion hiccups so bad that it’s like a car crash and you just can’t tear your eyes away. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered 40 of the most absolutely hilarious fashion fails on the internet here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Hilarious fashion mishaps that are so bad it’s hard not to look

These are examples of what not to wear.

Relationships are beautiful, but they can also be very hard. After all, we’ve probably all had our fair share of relationship issues, and some people like to share some of their stories on the internet. The following story is one of them.

Woman Felt Her Husband Was Distant So She Tested His Loyalty

A woman decided to test her husband's loyalty, but she never expected it to go like this!

A person typically learns as a child to follow the rules and treat others with kindness. Sadly though, there are still plenty of adults who choose to go against these lessons and demonstrate “not so nice” behavior.

Neighbor Leaves Cruel Note On Disabled Woman’s Car Windshield

Ashley has only one leg, so her apartment complex decided to help.

In the process of figuring out parenting, you do things that are just strange and borderline crazy around your kids and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to parenting. Just like most moms and dads, you are just winging it and doing your best.

28 Dads Who Tried But Failed In Hilarious Fashion

God bless them.

Traffic stops are an everyday part of life for many police officers. No one ever really expects to see anything out of the ordinary. But during one routine traffic stop on Interstate 90 in Idaho, an officer would see something that he never hopes to see again.

Cop Pulls Van Over, Makes An Arrest When He Sees Small Child In The Back Seat

Routine traffic stop saved a child's life

Kids constantly surprise us in the most ridiculous ways. You really can’t expect the ordinary with those little humans. But one thing is for sure, they sure do make life more interesting. Kids nowadays are going viral for their priceless moments and you really won’t want to miss these!

60 Embarrasing photos social media won’t let kids live down

Oh, I hope these parents framed these!

After saving money, you’re finally ready to enhance your home or business. Depending on the project, some are easy and others more challenging. Regardless, it’s rewarding when finished. Like most people, you probably have a vision of what the completed project will look like. But sometimes, even the best-laid plans fall short of expectations.

61 Home Renovations So Bad They Defy Logic

They certainly have their own definition of logic.

A typical day of high school usually consists of classes, lectures, lunch, and maybe some afterschool activities. Once in a while the kids may have an assembly or special project to work on. But, for the most part, you pretty much know what types of things are going to be covered at school. That’s why what happened at one high school has people talking

Teacher Pepper Sprays High School Students For A Lesson

When the teacher asked parents to sign a waiver, they didn't know exactly what he would be doing.

Most women would like to say that they’re strong and confident. Frankly, though, it’s not always the case. 50-year-old Tori from Iowa wasn’t feeling good about herself. So much so, it was keeping her from sharing her art with the world – something she’s very passionate about.

Woman Looks Like A Hollywood Actress After Makeover

She was ready for a change like this.

Most millennials are aware that buying a house may not be something they can afford in their twenties, or even thirties. Renting and even sharing living spaces is now the norm. Tiny house living and van life are on the rise among young people who are looking to live simply (and affordably).

Young Woman Moves Into The Woods Alone, Gives A Tour Of Her Off-The-Grid Living

Other millennials... take notes.

Somewhere along the lines, someone decided that society needed to be ashamed of human bodily functions and other things that make humans human.

7 Little Known Health Benefits Of Passing Gas

Heinie hiccups are good for you.

What would you do if you discovered your child could predict the future? Would you be impressed? Or would you, like one dad from Houston, Texas, immediately panic?

When Little Girl Says ‘Bye Bye Daddy’ During Night Time Prayers, Dad Gets Scared

I didn't see the twist coming! 😂

When it comes to hair and cool new styles and trends, you probably think of women. Most people do. But men care about their appearance as well. As you’ll discover, a lot of them are willing to try something different. And most of the time, the results are amazing. See for yourself with these 48 photos.

48 Men Who Look Handsome After Their Short Haircuts

The right hairstyle can change everything.

These people are trolling experts. They get their laughs from messing with other people and upsetting them for no reason other than for their own amusement. In other words, they are total smart-alecks. While they definitely aren’t the kindest individuals in the world, we have to admit, some of the pranks that they pulled are pretty funny.

50 times people were caught being sarcastic smart-alecks

They're expert trolls...

For many couples, getting pregnant is a long and difficult journey. Tel Aviv artist Yehuda Adi Devir decided to chronicle his journey (along with his wife Maya, of course) of conceiving their first child in the way he knows best — by drawing it.

Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife – Their ‘Pregnancy Struggle’ Comics Are Too Relatable

Israeli artists Yehuda and Maya Devir have announced that they’re pregnant.

It’s always nice when a friend or family member agrees to pick you up from the airport. It’s great to see a familiar face and not have to worry about catching a cab.

60 hilarious airport signs that make people look again

Some of these signs would have us getting right back on the plane!