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an apple butter icing recipe is shown on a plate and in the process of being frosted
Apple Buttercream Icing | Julie Blanner
I’m going to make this short and sweet – just like this apple butter icing recipe. Really, this should be used to top everything in life, but I made it to top my Apple Butter Cookies. It’s made from scratch in less than 5 minutes.
the ingredients for lemon custard are shown in bowls
The Best Easy Lemon Posset Recipe
This easy lemon posset recipe is made with just a few ingredients, is easy to make and creates a beautiful, elegant dessert.
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Stabilized Whipped Cream with Cornstarch: A Complete Guide and Recipe
Discover the art of making stabilized whipped cream with cornstarch for long-lasting, beautiful peaks. This guide includes a detailed recipe with both U.S. and metric measurements, ensuring your desserts stand out with a luxurious, firm-topped finish. Perfect for enhancing any sweet creation with elegance and flavor.
a cake with white frosting on top and the words catch a husband cake below
Catch A Husband Cake
Ensnare the senses with this irresistibly delicious Catch A Husband Cake. This rich, moist cake is layered with flavors that are sure to captivate any heart. Whether you're looking to impress a special someone or just in the mood for an exquisite dessert, this cake is your secret weapon. #CatchAHusbandCake #DessertLovers #BakeToImpress
lemons cut in half on a plate with leaves and utensils next to them
Classic English Lemon Possets
the lemon posse is served with ice cream
Lemon Posset
rich and creamy Lemon Posset. The easiest dessert you've probably never heard of! No baking and just 10 minutes to prepare. #lemonposset #lemondessert #easydessert #fastdessert #englishdessert #dessert
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