Romanian Traditional Folk Art Embroidery

The symbol for the Sun god / goddess, creator of the Sacred Hearth, giver of life, is a central motif in the designs of many cultures of the Slavic & Baltic regions.

Romanian traditional mask. Now THAT'S what I call Boho... (OK, Bohemia is somewhere else altogether, but you get the idea...)

Cerbul (Stag), Corlata, Romania, from the series Wilder Mann Charles Fréger

Nicolae Grigorescu - paintings

Nicolae Grigorescu (Romanian painter)- Portrait of Maria Nacu

Pure Romania and a story about my country,

Learn more about Romanian culture during your trip through this amazing country! - Leer meer over de cultuur van Roemenië door je reis door dit geweldige land!

Henri Matisse, The Romanian Green Bluse, 1939

Henri Matisse, The Romanian Green Bluse, 1939 - blouse sleeves, ladies over blouses, pink blouse womens *ad