I hear his voice, do you?

What A Wonderful World - Canvas Art Vintage Sheet Music Lyrics - Louis Armstrong. Découpage the sheet music and add the lyrics on top. Do this for various song lyrics?

Genesis 50:20 wow...he loves us so much♥

lovelyandbrown: “ God’s plan is bigger than your mistakes. [i hope i hope i hope ihopeihopeihopeihope] ”

be in love with your life. every minute of it. - Jack Kerouac

"Bee in love with your life. Every minute of it." -jack Kerouac it's a choice we make to be happy or not. Even with sadness in our hearts we can still find happiness in some part of life. Today I am grateful for my life. Even the parts that daily break

So true

Bookfession When I get to the last page of a really good book, my heart sinks a little.

"I LOVE YOU to the moon and back!"

Rylee loves the moon! When we would go for walks & see the moon I would say this poem from his book. I see the moon & the moon sees me! God bless the moon & god bless me!

I do from time to time, there's so many great pins out there!

I Think making a Pin Bord is making something :-) What about a Poster that said "Stop making things, start Thinking" Make Things if you want to. Pin Things if you want to.