25 Pins
an assortment of dogs in various poses and sizes, all with hats on their heads
THE DOOOGS 2 by morteraphan on DeviantArt
some sketches of greyhound dogs with their mouths open and one looking up at the camera
Eva Vilhelmiina Eskelinen on Twitter
Thank you for the inspiration Cermet the dogpic.twitter.com/Fv3HKMHJDI
a set of cartoon dogs with different expressions
Character Design 001, Hossein Ojaghi
a drawing of a horse running in the snow with it's front legs spread out
Daily Horse Drawings
DHD 077: Golden Akhal-Teke (I had to take a screen shot off my post on Instagram because I accidentally deleted the original drawing ) Done on a galaxy note 5.
an animal that is made out of paper and has stripes on it's body
Oxboxer — Revisiting art: animal studies.
three different types of sphydrah cats with green eyes and long tailes
Monthly Drawing Challenge – Stylized Animals
three birds flying in the air with their wings spread
an animal with spots on it's body and legs, running through the air
Oxboxer : A cheetah.
blue and white birds are flying in the air
HIYO (@HIYORATORY) on X | Cute art, Creature art, Cute drawings
Animal reference
three green lizards sitting on top of each other
Studies - Basilisk by oxboxer on DeviantArt
Studies - Basilisk by oxboxer.deviantart.com on @deviantART
a blue and white bird flying through the air
Oxboxer: A secretary bird. Animal commission! Available on...