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three different types of planters made out of rocks and wire, with plants growing in them
Lawn Care Advice - Gardening Advice - Westland Garden Health
a houseplant plant with the words, why do houseplants get brown tips?
Brown Tips on Houseplants Leaves - A Reason Why!
a planter made out of wooden pallets with plants growing in it on the grass
Outdoor You'll Love You'll Love |
Effortlessly grow your own potatoes at home with the Kostuch Square Potato Planter Box. The solid wooden structure can hold ample amounts of soil, whilst still being compact enough to fit in any garden space or on a patio. The hinged door, with galvanized hinges, makes it easy for you to collect your potatoes when they are ready to harvest, eliminating the need for unnecessary digging. The planter can also be used for the growth of other root crops, such as carrots, beets and parsnips.
pink flowers are hanging from the side of a building with green leaves and purple flowers
Connecting the World's Finest Florists
Medinilla Magnifica
a green plant sitting on the side of a brick building next to a white pillar
Container gardening gives you opportunities to use your imagination with color, shapes and textures.
an assortment of succulents and plants in a garden
Such easy plants to grow! Love this
red flowers are blooming in the garden with purple and pink flowers around them,
10 Perennials Easily Grown From Seed - FineGardening
Easy to grow from seed
purple flowers are growing in the corner of a flower bed
FoxFire Greens, Inc.
Setcreasea pallida, or Purple Heart, a native of Mexico, is named for the striking purple color of the plant in full sun. Drought tolerant. A wonderful choice for hot dry conditions. Makes an excellent ground cover and looks stunning when paired with yellow lantana or pink vinca..
white flowers in front of a house with green grass and bushes around it, along with an american flag
amazing landscaping – twobertis
Low maintenance yet beautiful front yard.
four different views of a flower pot with flowers growing out of the top and bottom
Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals
Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals
the front yard is full of flowers and plants
Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard Ranch House - Bing Images
a potted planter filled with lots of colorful flowers next to a stone wall
Container Gardening | Whats Ur Home Story
I love this combo in the pot! tropical container gardens | … example of using tall, medium and small to design your container
a potted plant sitting on top of a metal stand in front of a building
Succulent Sphere; wire garden spheres filled with succulents
This is a project that enthralls and intrigues everyone who sees it; you can build one too; just pick up a couple of coir lined hanging baskets, fill with soil, wire them together and stick some Sempervivum chicks on the coir. After a year, they will fill in and be totally covered. What a great use for your succulent collection!