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an image of a woman laying down with her head on her hand and eyes closed
a painting of a woman wearing a pink hat with roses on it
@huhuchild on ig
a drawing of a woman holding a teddy bear in front of a microwave with the words fishy fish on it
a painting of a girl reading a book in front of a cat and flower arrangement
Toko Ohmori: into the bloom
a drawing of a woman laying on top of a zebra print bed with her legs spread out
80’s babe
the silhouette of a woman with a heart on her head blowing a horn to hear
a drawing of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
a woman with pink hair and black polka dots on her dress is surrounded by cats
Design Innova: As Ilustrações Fashion de Sonia Menti
a drawing of a woman sitting next to a cat and holding a drink in her hand
a drawing of a woman in pink with her hands on her head and arms outstretched
George Petty Bunny Pin-Up that inspired Hugh Hefner to create the Playboy Bunny.