Christmas spirit

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a person holding a sparkler in their hand
Photography by Bryan Adam Castillo
Photography by Bryan Adam Castillo (1)
a woman is holding her hand up in the air with lights behind her and she is looking into the distance
We Heart It
Stop hiding in the shadowy lies of uncertainty, hunting confirmation and affirmation and validation before living your truth.You already know what needs to be said. Say it. You already know what needs to be done. Do it.Declare your destiny and distractions.Unearth the force that moves you to freedom. We need you here - powerful and truthful and free. Straighten your crown and take your place at the table. ~ L'Erin Alta
a laptop computer sitting on top of a table next to a plate of cookies and marshmallows
↬[ p ι n т e r e ѕ т ] : @diamondbabyd | {fσℓℓσω тσ ѕєє мσяє}
a glass of milk and cookies on a table with a christmas tree in the background
365 Days of Christmas non dimenticate latte e biscotti per Babbo Natale e le sue renne #MID #Desing #DesignYourChristmas
a woman is sitting on her bed with a cup of popcorn in front of her laptop
snow falling on the ground in front of buildings
That’s so close to the Topperwein Building!!
two people standing next to each other in the snow with a tree on their shoulders
Photo (Gabba Gabba Gorgeous)
someone is taking a selfie in front of a christmas tree with their feet on the ground
Farmhouse Touches
A perfect picture at Christmas time ❄️ Cuddled up in front of the Christmas tree xX
two feet wearing mittens and striped socks in front of a christmas tree with lights
Fuzzy Christmas Slipper Socks
22lb reward.....Pulling on a pair of soft, warm, cozy, snuggly socks over my icy, cold, bare feet makes me happy!