Traditional folk hat - Bistrita Nasaud, Romania

Traditional folk hat - Bistrita Nasaud, Romania Photography by Alexandru Uiuiu

Cerbul, from the "Wilder Mann" series Charles Freger (2010-2011) -photograph by Charles Fréger of a traditional costume-dance  that has been preserved in Romania: at Christmas,  you can see bands of costumed folk-musicians performing this dance even In Bucharest and other Romanian cities and especially in the villages. It's very surreal and beautiful.

Cerbul (Stag), Corlata, Romania, from the series Wilder Mann Charles Fréger

Cel mai frumos film despre România - Travel

România holds half of the brown bears population-The Carpatians Mountain and traditions - Travel

Romania -  My country ,my beautiful country.

Danube graphic --> An infographic animation about Romania, created by Graphic and Communication Design student Ana Busuioc for Leeds Romanian Society.

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