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a woman holding a bunch of green plants in her hands
Exploring Foraged Fibres with Suzie Grieve - Tradfolk
Exploring Foraged Fibres with Suzie Grieve - Tradfolk
a hand holding a small green and brown object on a string with a stone in it
closeup of woven fabric with different colors and patterns on the table top, including multi - colored strips
Some color experiments on my newest warp
a pile of scarves sitting on top of a couch
Weaving, weaving, weaving...
Took a break from the barn building because Gary is tired and designed two warps, put one on and wove one scarf from the first one...made en...
the scarf is on top of a mannequin
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Wide Woven Sakiori Scarf by sakiori on Etsy, $225.00
several spools of thread sitting next to each other on top of a table
sketches - Hanna's loom
a basket sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a piece of cloth and other items
Autumn Afternoons
Twining on the deck September 2014 Temperatures have been in a state of flux the last few weeks as Autumn creeps down the mountainside....
the weaving machine with text overlay that reads, the only six items you need to start weaving like a pro
The SIX Items You Need to Start Weaving Like a Pro — Hello Hydrangea
Start Weaving Supplies Beginner
the weaving is being worked on by someone
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