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an orange couch sitting on top of a metal stand
there are many different types of lego furniture
there is a miniature table with food on it
Day 24 - Feasting Table
many different colored plastic objects are shown in this photo collage, including one lamp and the other light bulb
@jkbrickworks ‘s LEGO creation is deepening our love for LEGO more than ever! 😍 Who wants to build this at home?! Designer: @jkbrickworks #product #productdesign #industrialdesign #innovation #moderndesign #lego #legobuild #legoland #legofan #reelsinstagram
a lego house is shown with people outside
there are many different types of metal objects on the table and in front of them
Part 5 - Pillars
a lego tree with two benches under it
Park bench with tree
an array of different colored glass bottles with black caps
Liquor Bottles
A selection of 14 top-shelf drinks for those minifigures of drinking age.Pick your poison, if you dare.
a lego model of a barber shop with furniture
03 - Going to the Barber
a bed made out of legos on top of a white table with two lamps
a toy bathroom with pink tiles on the walls
Bathroom scene