0 Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman .NL De Ploeg 1882-1945

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an abstract painting with black and blue shapes on yellow background that says no repro quality
Compositie - Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman
a painting with two faces on it in a white frame
Europe Workshop Tour- Part 6 – H.N Werkman Exhibition in Groningen, The Netherlands | n*Studio
an abstract painting with two people sitting in front of a green and yellow background,
Hendrik Werkman | Grafiek vh. te Koop | Bioscoop
an abstract painting with lines and shapes
Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman (1882-1945) , Compositie | Christie's
a painting of a man with a mustache wearing a red jacket and black top hat
Hendrik Nic.Werkman (1882-1945- Voerman - Postkaart
an abstract painting with black, yellow and red shapes on white paper in the shape of a woman's head
Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman (1882-1945) , Hot Printing 8 (Vrouw met gele sjaal) | Christie's
a painting of three horses and two men standing in the woods with an elephant behind them
Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman (1882-1945) , Twee ruiters in bos naar links rijdend | Christie's