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Showmanship: What’s the big deal with crowding?
What is Crowding? If you’ve read our other articles, you’ve probably seen that crowding while showing is an incredibly common problem that I regularly address. I thought we’d jump into it in more detail to really explain the potential problems with crowding. What do I mean by crowding? It’s simply getting too close to the calf, lamb, or goat in front of you. It happens all of the time and even the best showmen will revert to it from time to time. In our Show Smart showmanship videos we
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One Day You’ll Forget Your Cattle
It had to be at least 135 degrees out as we were moving into California State Fair. Okay so maybe it was only 109 but after dragging a chute, end panels, tack boxes, fans, and all of the other paraphernalia needed to show cattle out of the inferno that was the stock trailer, it sure felt like it. Stock Show Heat Index I think we should call it a Stock Show Index. You know, like a regular heat index, but an equation that considers temperature inside the trailer multiplied by the
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3 Things to Know When Shopping for Livestock
Shopping for livestock This time of year, we receive many phone calls from excited kids and parents who land on a scale between confident and apprehensive. Shopping for livestock comes with mixed emotions for most people. Everyone is looking for a calf that is as good or better than the last one they showed. We all put pressure on ourselves to make the right decision. At Ward Cattle Company, we ask several questions to be sure we are on the right track. Buying cattle is fun! Be prepared to ans
Show Smart Curriculum examples.  Feeding livestock, washing a goat, clipping a steer. Vet Science, Ag Classroom, Ag Science, Nutrition Science, Animal Science, The Classroom, The Cool, Agriculture, The Modern
Livestock curriculum for the modern ag classroom.
Curriculum that takes you from the classroom to the show ring. Show Smart was designed with the "cool factor" that keeps students engaged. Use it in Intro to Ag, Ag Science, Animal Science, Vet Science and more! We cover everything from livestock facilities to feeding, selection and showmanship. Give your students the confidence to step into the show ring...or simply develop better educated future consumers of agriculture products.
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Fighting the Mud
Unless you live in the desert, I imagine that you experience fighting the mud at some point in the year. I’ve never lived in the desert…maybe you get mud too? In Northern California, we have two seasons…Mud and Dust. Frank Ward Seasons Growing up in Colorado, Frank was able to see actual seasons including a true Fall with all of the leaves turning to vibrant colors and then fading into the snow-swept mountainsides of Winter. At 8500 ft elevation, it stayed fro
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Livestock Photography…Tips from a Pro
This week we asked professional livestock photographer Audrey Christensen @Aush Rae some questions about hiring a professional photographer for sale cattle pictures. If you missed Taking Sale Cattle Pictures last fall, check it out! Audrey really gave us some great livestock photography tips! Be sure to read the whole article. Enjoy! How do you know if you should hire a professional photographer? 1. Your sales have not been reaching their full potential. 2. Your pictures and videos a
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Dandruff, Ringworm, and Lice…yuck!
As the winter months set in, we are faced with all of the nasty things that we find in the hair and on the hide of show cattle. Of course, all cattle are susceptible to these things, but we are far less concerned with a few spots of missing hair on a feedlot steer than we are of a calf that’s headed to a show in a month. So which nasty things am I referring to? Dandruff, ringworm, and lice…yuck! In Dealing with Dandruff, we discussed in detail many of the things that can cause
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My Calf Quit Eating
Your calf isn’t eating? If you’ve fed livestock, you’ve most likely experienced them “going off feed”. What does that even mean? It means they stopped eating. Generally, that happens as a result of one of a few things. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to identify the most common issues with feeding show cattle, well any livestock really. There’s Something Wrong with the Water This is actually NOT the most common reason, but it’s most readily identifiable of the reas
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Stop Asking Dumb Questions
Each year, we are introduced to new families and have the privilege of working with repeat customers. Many times throughout the year, we hear this… “This is a dumb question, but…” Stop asking dumb questions. Now, before you think I’ve lost my mind to be writing this, please hear me out! It always makes me chuckle that parents put so much pressure on themselves to know everything about the project within the first 26 minutes of owning an animal. I completely get why they do it! There
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Small Minded Thinking
Is small-minded thinking holding you or your community back? In Stock Show Stories, I often say things like, “we’ve all been there,” but in this instance, I don’t think that’s the case. Rather, some of us have been there, some are still there, and some…well they never went there at all! I’ll Keep My Small Town So, where is there? It’s a place that comes from a mindset of scarcity, fear, and negativity. Sometimes it’s referred to as small-minded, or small-town
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Ag Teachers… The OG Influencers
Ag Teachers Much like the old song “Country when Country Wasn’t Cool,” great Ag teachers are the original Influencers. Long before that was even a thing! We’ve all stood ringside and listened to the judge say to “thank your parents, teachers, and leaders who got you there.” It’s become a little overused, but not because it isn’t right. It is simply used often. Today I hope to show you why you just may want to reach out to your ag teacher, even if it’s been a while. Maybe it’s t
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Show Cancelled? Technology Can Save Kids’ Investments.
Technology Can Save Kids’ Investments By now most people fall somewhere between, “I may take this whole Corona deal a little more seriously,” and full-blown panic. Depending upon where you are in the world, all stances are valid and it’s not my position to tell you how to feel. The great thing about technology is that it’s allowing us to continue things like business, school and keeping up with friends. Also, technology can help save kids’ investments while respecti
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Up Your Game During Quarantine with These 5 Things
Okay, maybe we aren’t all in actual quarantine but it sure feels like it. There is a wave of disappointment crushing the aspirations of young showmen across the country with the cancelation of shows of every level. The West Coast fairs are dropping like flies, the Texas majors and OYE were forced to cancel, some partway through. Jackpot shows across the nation are making alternative plans. Let’s call a spade a spade. You may not think of this as a time to up your game, but you should. Th
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How to Set Up Your Show Barn
How To Set Up Your Show Barn You are looking forward to the return of actual shows and maybe you’ve been thinking of the best way to set up your show barn. You may be building new or more likely, you are going to convert and existing structure on your place. Show Barn Remodel I’m still not sure that after three show barn remodels we have it right. There are always things I want to do to improve the setup and flow, worse than that, every time we visit someone else’s barn I want to inc
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Show Cattle For Beginners
New to showing cattle? If you've decided you want to show in 4-H, FFA or at cattle jackpots, these tips can help you get started!