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a baby sleeping in a basket next to a hot air balloon
Peppy Poppy
Image of Tiny Explorer Hot Air Balloon
several pictures of a child in a basket with birds flying above them and the boy sitting inside it
Kids’ Hot Air Balloon Photobooth DIY
kids' hot air balloon photo booth diy.
three women and two children laying in front of a canopy with balloons on the ground
Portland, OR Wedding photographers - Romantic Timeless Imagery
a man and woman kissing in front of a mirror with pictures on the wall behind them
Unique Wedding Ideas - Weddings By Lilly
Create a plywood wall with cut outs and nail frames for guests to take photos in.
an iphone photo booth is displayed with props for the wedding party, including mustaches and hats
Chevron Wedding Photo Booth Props - Damask Photo Props - Ampersand 15 Piece Black and White Photo Prop Set
Photo Booth props!
there are some toothpicks in glass jars with fake mustaches on them,
Rustic Chic Yellow Wedding Ideas
I like how these are easy to grab and put back. I also like how they are labeled :) // photo booth props
there are some fake mustaches on sticks in the shape of people's faces
Scottsdale Wedding at The Bentley Projects Gallery by Some Like It Classic
Props on a stick! Love how they are displayed! Sand in a fun glass jar!
an old fashioned desk and chair in front of a house with pictures on the wall
Photo booth with wall of frames cut out and black curtain behind. Shabby it forwedding photo booth
a white chair sitting next to a table with flowers on it in front of a window
Vintage Shabby Chic Photo Booth Wall Props Perfect Your Vintage Wedding
Vintage Shabby Chic Photo Booth Wall & Props!! Perfect For Your Vintage Wedding! | eBay