Armored vehicles

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an image of a tank that looks like it is in the game
VECTOR: Assault Heavy Tank, Toni Justamante Jacobs
an armored vehicle with camouflage on it
Tumbril Nova Heavy Tank, Cloud Imperium Games
ArtStation - Tumbril Nova Heavy Tank, Cloud Imperium Games
an armored vehicle is shown on a gray background
3D Sci-fi Tank APC Concept
a man standing next to a large tank
Researchers Make Infrared-Invisible Tank That Looks Like It's From Tron
Main Battle Tank, Call Of Duty Ghosts, Code Geass
Call of Duty: Ghosts - X08 Selva Tigre Concept, Simon Ko
M61 Vulcan, Planetside 2, Tactical Truck, All-terrain Vehicles
M-ATV Phalanx by db120 on DeviantArt
an armored vehicle is on display at the museum
Five Vehicles for the End of the World | Gear Patrol
an armored vehicle parked in front of a building
Panhard's Crab May Just Be The Future Of Armored Scout Vehicles