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Wrapped boots for trekking through the deep forests. THIS. IS. A. BRILLIANT IDEA! If you have boots that aren't quite 'fantasy/post-apoc' like, get some linen and tear it in long strips (or coffee stain cheese cloth) and wrap it around your not-so-fantasy-boots
Mortal Kombat cosplay weapons #Weapons


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ArtStation - elven bow, Vladimir Voronov
MAKE A BOW AND QUIVER. Pattern for BJD, but could be up sized. Wonderful instructions.

Bow and Arrow

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M134 GE Mini Gun! Oh goodness I'll get knocked on my butt if I try to shoot it but oh well it's happening


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two hands holding crystal knives in front of each other on the street with trees and buildings behind them
✧ (@northstardoll) on X
there are many different types of knives on the table with skulls and swords in them
Anton, Knife Aesthetic, Weapon, Fantasy Weapons, Concept Weapons, Knife
two silver and black swords laying next to each other on top of a dark surface
Knight, Larp, Female Knight, Female Armor, Armor, Knight Armor, Armour, Arms And Armour, Arm Armor
Eoin Cannon's Sketchbook
Dark Souls, Armor Concept, Rpg, Dark Fantasy Art, Fantasy Armor, Armor Clothing
DIY Tape on Twitter
six different types of knives lined up on a bed
the village witch