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an alleyway with tables and chairs lined up along the side of it, in front of white buildings
Locorotondo near Bari
a collage of photos with the words weekend guide to pugliia, ostun and alberobello
Weekend Guide to Puglia: Ostuni and Alberobello - Petite Suitcase
Travel Guide to Puglia: Ostuni and Alberobello. Where to eat in Puglia, what to do and where to stay.
an alley way with white buildings and plants on the balconies, in front of a clock tower
These Are the 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Puglia
Small Italian town of historical interest
an old building with a clock tower in the middle of it's alleyway
A Complete Guide to Monopoli, Puglia - An American in Rome
narrow alley between white stone buildings and blue sky in the background in Monopoli Italy in Puglia
the cover of a travel guide to puiglia, italy's most beautiful city
Bawdy Vacation Frases #vacation2020 #SmartTravelTips
the city of stones in materm basilicata, italy is surrounded by old buildings
There is a hidden gem located within Basilicata, Italy that is called Matera. The town of Matera, which borders Puglia, has seen an incredible transformation, from one of the poorest towns in Italy to the European Capital of Culture in 2019!
an archway in the middle of a garden
The Castle of Marchione, in Conversano, Puglia, South Italy by Andrei Kovnir / 500px
The Castle of Marchione, in Conversano, Puglia, South Italy - The Castle of Marchione in Conversano. Puglia. South Italy.
an alleyway with the words a travel guide to lecce, italy
The Ultimate Guide to Lecce, Italy: The Most Beautiful City in Puglia
Here are all the best things to see and do in Lecce, Puglia, Italy! #italy #lecce #leccetravel #puglia #pugliatravel #italy #europe #europetravel
there are pictures of different places in the world with text that reads,'36 hours in matera '
36 Hours in Matera, A Town That Italy Now Remembers - Girl in Florence
Girl in Florence | 36 Hours in Matera, Italy
a person riding a bike down a street next to tall white buildings with balconies
A Short Guide to Locorotondo | Puglia's Prettiest Little Town — ALONG DUSTY ROADS
Our short guide to Locorotondo, Italy's prettiest little town. Useful tips whether you're just passing through, or plan on hanging out for a couple of days | Things to do in Locorotondo | Where to stay | How to get there | What to do | Italy | Puglia | Puglia road trip
a map of the city of cio pugliia, with boats and people on it
Ciao Puglia ! #1
Carte illustrée Pouilles - Italie Map Puglia - Italia Le chien à taches
an old town is next to the water with rocks in front of it and a cloudy sky
Monopoli Puglia Vacanze
many people are swimming in the water and on the beach near buildings with green shutters
Puglia, Italy - the best places to take photos – Mr and Mrs Romance
Monopoli beach - Where to take the best photos in Puglia Italy - MMR
an archway leading to a marina with boats in the water and buildings on either side
Une semaine dans les Pouilles : itinéraire & conseils pratiques
Entrée du port de Monopoli - Les Pouilles, Italie
the water is crystal blue and clear in this town's coastal area, with buildings on either side
Best beaches and lidos around Monopoli - Puglia - AWESOME BERLIN
Monopoli. Italy