Valentin Schipor

Valentin Schipor

Valentin Schipor
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marble bust french school

Marble bust rising on a circular graduating plinth, Portrait of a Duchess, French School century),

Marble hands

L'umanita Contro il male [Humanity against evil]. its in Rome at the GNAM - Unknown Marble Hands. "How such art can be so sensuously and realisticly rendered from such unmalleable medium as marble, is nothing short of miraculous"

Bronze Sculpture by French Artist-

Reminds me of Poison Ivy w/tge vines. Fine Art and You: Bronze Sculpture by French Artist-"Jacques Le Nantec" 1940


An erotic sculpture of proportions! Wonder if this is in a public space? When I think about how low a tolerance threshold most people have for the erotic/sex I guess this would be deemed obscene by most people in a public space.